How a 22 year old kid travels the world for free by selling weird t shirts
Written on April 8th 2017

So recently this Mike Vestil goofball started appearing all over social media.. well that goofball is me! Here is a highlight of who I am

I Used To Spend 8-12 Hours A Day In The Dental Field
Look how sexy I look as I stare deep into the patients eyes lol
Then I realized I was trading all my time away for money that I was never going to have time to spend... makes no sense right?
So while working I sold t shirts in a weird niche on my own website to try and make some extra money
After months and months of failure and building it part time... it worked! So I grabbed my ukulele..
Left Everything Behind... And Traveled The World..
Here's me with a ukulele while eating a sandwich... EPIC
Then I got lost.... I was F&%KED
And then I got more lost...
And then I got moreeeeeeee lost...
But I kept it cool and remained chill..
Because as long as I had wifi... I could make more money working part time selling weird t shirts then I could working full time at my work
Some countries had really sucky wifi though.. so sometimes I had to look EVERYWHERE
But I was still able to build my business which was able to pay for all my travel expenses.. here is the revenue from just one of my stores
*Results not typical or expected for every person
The secret was 3 principles that I applied everyday that most beginner entrepreneurs fail to utilize
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He is a superhero entrepreneur that puts on a cape to save the world.
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