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How a 22 year old kid travels the world for free by selling weird products online
Written on April 8th 2017

So recently this Mike V goofball started blowing up on YouTube.. well that goofball is me! Here is a highlight of who I am

I Used To Spend 8-12 Hours A Day In The Dental Field
Look how sexy I look as I stare deep into the patients eyes lol
Then I realized I was trading all my time away for money that I was never going to have time to spend... makes no sense right?
So while working I sold random products in a weird niche on my own website to try and make some extra money
After months and months of failure and building it part time... it worked! So I grabbed my ukulele..
Left Everything Behind... And Traveled The World..
Here's me with a ukulele while eating a sandwich... EPIC
Then I got lost.... I was F&%KED
And then I got more lost...
And then I got moreeeeeeee lost...
But I kept it cool and remained chill..
Because as long as I had wifi... I could make more money working part time online than I could working full time at my work
Some countries had really sucky wifi though.. so sometimes I had to look EVERYWHERE
But I was still able to build my businesses which was able to pay for all my travel expenses.. here is the revenue from just one of my businesses
The secret was having the right roadmap to follow..
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