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This is the beginning of a movement..

If you're like most of our freedom fighters, then you understand just how important this one life we have is.

And that every single moment we have should be spent building our own dreams instead of getting hired to build someone else's.

So in order to help more people escape the rat race, we engineered a week by week online university as well as monthly sales funnel breakdowns of successful businesses to help you start/grow a passive income business based on your passion in less than 30 days.
Month by month.. watch me break down the successful websites of other entrepreneurs.. 
And build it from the ground up for you to copy and paste it into your business
Week 1: Picking the Right Niche
  • Lesson 1: Overview
  • Lesson 2: YOU INC.
  • Lesson 3: Your Purpose
  • Lesson 4: Branding 
  • Lesson 5: Branding Examples
Week 2: How to Attract Customers on Demand
  • Lesson 6: Purpose of Bait
  • Lesson 7: Creating Bait Overview
  • Lesson 8: Surveying Your Audience
  • Lesson 9: Creating the Bait Headline
  • Lesson 10: Bait Examples
Week 3: Creating Funnels that Profit 24/7
  • Lesson 11: The Tools You Need for Automation
  • Lesson 12: How to Create a Sales Funnel that Works 24/7
  • Lesson 13: How to Create an Email Autoresponder that Works While You Sleep
  • Lesson 14: Connecting the Email Autoresponder to Sales Funnel
Week 4: Video Mastery 
  • Lesson 15: The Power of YouTube
  • Lesson 16: How to GET SEEN and How to Never Run Out of Content
  • Lesson 17: How I Modeled My YouTube Channel
  • Lesson 18: How to Create the Content
  • Lesson 19: Video Styles
  • Lesson 20: My Camera Setup
  • Lesson 21: How to Edit Videos 
  • Lesson 22: Tips for Talking in Front of a Camera
  • Lesson 23: How to Create Awesome Thumbnails
  • Lesson 24: Understanding YouTube’s Algorithm
  • Lesson 25: YouTube SEO
  • Lesson 26: YouTube Analytics
Week 5: Passive Income Monetization
  • Lesson 27: How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel
  • Lesson 28: Merchandise and The Psychology Behind Why People Buy
  • Lesson 29: Affiliate Marketing and Sales Funnels
  • Lesson 30: Informational Product Creation, Set Up, and Sales Funnels 
"Before I had 100,000 YouTube subscribers, owned multiple successful online businesses, and traveled all around the world..

My biggest problem was learning how to make consistent sales online so that I could pursue my passions.

This is the program I wish I had when I first started"
Mike Vestil
Author. Investor. YouTuber
Passion to Profits
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