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How to Turn Your Passion into Passive Income
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Passion to Profits
A precise and simple, step-by-step guide on how to use 100% FREE traffic to start/grow a passive income business based on your passion in less than 30 Days
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Would You Like to See How I Went from 2000 YouTube Subscribers in June, 2017 to Over 50,000 YouTube Subscribers Only 4 Months Later?
And How I Turned That Into Passive Income from Affiliate Sales from The Backend?
Here is what you are going to learn..
  • How to Use 100% FREE Traffic to Start/Grow a Passive Income Business in Less than 30 Days - After months of failing, once I figured out how to hack YouTube's algorithm, you'll see how I went from $1/day - $100/day in passive income within 30 days.
  • How to Monetize Your Passion - Everyone has a passion. It could be working out, traveling, or just sharing the hobbies that you love to do. Find out the exact steps on how to turn those passions into dollars. 
  • How to Create Sales Funnels That Work 24/7 -  The beauty with the Mike Vestil brand is that all the sales funnels are already set up and created. And since I took the time up front to have them set up, they are passively bringing in sales while I eat, sleep, and sh*t. 
  • All the Different Ways To Increase Your Passive Income - We are going to go over all the different monetization strategies that I have from affiliate marketing, to selling your own course, to even selling your own merchandise so that you can increase the money you make on the backend while not having to depend on the YouTube ad revenue as your only income.
  • How to Use Email Marketing To Increase Your Revenue Immediately - Email marketing is still to this day THE MOST EFFECTIVE when it comes to making sales. Find out the exact formula that I use to bring in that extra revenue with just a click of a button.
  • How to Create Content That GETS SEEN Even if You Have a Small Channel or Zero Subscribers - YouTube is filled with thousands of channels that are trying to do what you are doing. Find out how to get noticed from all the internet noise.
  • And That's Just A Glimpse Of What You Can Expect To Learn...
From The Laptop of: Mike Vestil
Subject: How YOU can make passive income with your passion

I didn't think it was possible, 

You know..

To create passive income by talking about the things that you are "passionate" about. 

So what changed?

I saw other people, normal human beings, that were no smarter than me turning their passions into passive income machines with the power of YouTube.

And because of that I made it a mission to at least "try."

I started like everyone else with ZERO SUBSCRIBERS. And it took me 6 months to even get just 10 subscribers a day. I was unconfident in front of a camera, and I had no public speaking skills what so ever.

But then something happened..

I slowly improved with my camera personality from just practicing and getting comfortable with myself and my own weirdness.. 


I figured out a way to make more money from the backend, which allowed me to make a living from my YouTube even though I didn't have thousands of subscribers at the time.

After trial and error..

I ended up stumbling upon a weird tactic that allows small YouTube channels to grow with crazy speed. And because of that my channel went from 2000 subscribers in June 2017, to over 50,000 subscribers by the end of October 2017.

And with the growth came a crazy amount of passive income because of the funnels, email auto responders, and systems that I had in place in the backend that was already prepared for the explosive growth.

And the thing is I am not special..

Anyone can do this..

All they need is the blueprint in making it happen.
So What Are We Going Over In This 6 Week Academy?
Week 1: Picking the Right Niche
  • Lesson 1: Overview
  • Lesson 2: YOU INC.
  • Lesson 3: Your Purpose
  • Lesson 4: Branding 
  • Lesson 5: Branding Examples
Week 2: How to Attract Customers on Demand
  • Lesson 6: Purpose of Bait
  • Lesson 7: Creating Bait Overview
  • Lesson 8: Surveying Your Audience
  • Lesson 9: Creating the Bait Headline
  • Lesson 10: Bait Examples
Week 3: Creating Funnels that Make Money 24/7
  • Lesson 11: The Tools You Need for Automation
  • Lesson 12: How to Create a Sales Funnel that Works 24/7
  • Lesson 13: How to Create an Email Autoresponder that Works While You Sleep
  • Lesson 14: Connecting the Email Autoresponder to Sales Funnel
Week 4: YouTube Mastery 
  • Lesson 15: The Power of YouTube
  • Lesson 16: How to GET SEEN and How to Never Run Out of Content
  • Lesson 17: How I Modeled My YouTube Channel
  • Lesson 18: How to Create the Content
  • Lesson 19: Video Styles
  • Lesson 20: My Camera Setup
  • Lesson 21: How to Edit Videos 
  • Lesson 22: Tips for Talking in Front of a Camera
  • Lesson 23: How to Create Awesome Thumbnails
  • Lesson 24: Understanding YouTube’s Algorithm
  • Lesson 25: YouTube SEO
  • Lesson 26: YouTube Analytics
Week 5: Email Marketing Mastery
  • Lesson 27: The Importance of Email Marketing
  • Lesson 28: The Ancient Marketing Technique Used by Cavemen
  • Lesson 29: How to Increase Your Open Rates
  • Lesson 30: How to Get People to Buy
Week 6: Passive Income Monetization
  • Lesson 31: How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel
  • Lesson 32: Merchandise and The Psychology Behind Why People Buy
  • Lesson 33: Affiliate Marketing and Sales Funnels
  • Lesson 34: Informational Product Creation, Set Up, and Sales Funnels 
Plus These Kick Butt Bonuses
Bonus 1:
Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group
Surround yourself with other like minded individuals that are on the same path to creating passive income through YouTube and personal branding.
Bonus 2:
eCom Blueprint
Find out how to create an eCommerce store with thousands of ready to sell products within 24 hours.
Bonus 3:
Passive Income Blogging
YouTube is only the first level. Getting your content on its own personal blog will not only increase your brand authority, but it will also get you ranked in Google as well. Sending you more free visitors to your offers and making you more money. Set your blog up  for passive income with this bonus.
Straight Up Stupid 30 Day Action Based Gaurantee
Ok.. let me be honest really quick..

I think money back guarantees absolutely suck. Why? Because most people see them as a way to half ass things and when they fail due to severe laziness .. 

They want someone to hug them and tell them “everything is gonna be okay bud”

But since I’m such a kind, awesome, handsome person.. if in 30 days you are still not satisfied with your purchase then I will refund you ALL of your money.. and you can keep the dang program.. 

That's how absolutely certain I am that you will love The Passion to Profits Academy.

As long as you show me proof that you have at least tried. (Have uploaded at least 5 videos). You will get a full refund.

So why not give it a shot and try it RISK FREE.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will This Work For My Niche/For Me?
For beginners, this will help you get your first 1000 subscribers. For veterans this will show you how I am getting anywhere from 500 to 1000 subscribers on a daily basis and how I scaled it to a 6 figure side hustle. These tactics can be used in ANY NICHE. Fitness, Coaching, Yoga, Skateboarding, Basketball, Dating, Comedy, Dogs, Cats etc. Works extremely well in any health, wealth, love, happiness, or passionate hobby niches as well.
I Have a Full Time Job. Will I Still Be Able to Do This if I Don't Have Much Time?
That depends. The thing that takes the most amount of time is building the sales funnels and email autoresponder sequences. I would focus on getting those out of the way as fast as possible. I set all those up within a couple of days when I first started YouTube, now all I do is make 2 videos a week. Each video takes 20 minutes to record and 40 minutes to edit (with my crappy video editing skills). Since I did all the hard work upfront, I work a minimum of 2-4 hours a week on this.. If you don't have at least 2-4 hours/week to devote to your own business, then entrepreneurship was not meant for you.
Can I Do This If I Have No Personality or If I am Camera Shy?
Go back to my first YouTube videos.. I HAD NO PERSONALITY. It was something that was developed over time. And as long as you commit to pushing yourself, the personality will come through time. Also there are methods in the program where you can build your channel without showing your face if you are really that shy.
Can I Do This If I Have ZERO Subscribers?
Yep. Thats exactly how many subscribers I started off with. And you're going to learn how you can make a living with only 1000 true loyal subscribers.
Will This Get Me More Views on YouTube?
Does a bear sh*t in the woods?
How Long Will It Take For Me To Become Successful?
If you have that mindset starting off in entrepreneurship, you might as well quit right now. This isn't like a J.O.B. where you are promised a paycheck after working a set number of hours. This is something where it will take work and effort. It took me 6 months before I earned my first dollar. But because I new the possibility and potential with YouTube, I kept on going. And now I am enjoying a lifestyle that most people could only dream of because they were too damn lazy to put in the initial work.
Do I Need Millions of Views to Make Money?
Nope. My channel relatively gets a small amount of views compared to other channels. Yet my small channel out earns most bigger YouTube channels with millions of views because of the sales funnels and email autoresponder sequences that I have in place on the backend.

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